It is said that the value of the focal length that forms an image inside the human eye is between 22 and 24 mm. One of the most common forms of expression and communication is verbal, but for us, the visual is the one that fits ourselves and we find it more fun and complete. That’s why people says: "A picture is worth a thousand words" . 22mm is formed by Amanda Batlle y Sebastian Peña . We are two Globetrotters in love of photography, video, the ocean and obviously diving. After several years traveling across America , Europe and Asia , we decided to start sharing some of the audiovisual material that we have created through our travels and experiences. We specialize in the field of underwater ​​images, but we do not like to put aside the urban and natural photography.

Amanda Batlle

Amanda Batlle was born near Barcelona, ​​Spain . Since childhood she lived within walking distance of the beach and that was what led her to be in love with the sea. She has a Biologist Degree by Universidad de Barcelona and currently is studying a Master degree in Coastline managing and conservation. She has more than 9 years filming & editing underwater videos. In 2007 start working as an underwater videographer in the Riviera Maya, after, she move back to Spain where she was producing the souvenir & promotional videos for recognized dive centers in the Catalan Pyrenees and Costa Brava at the Mediterranean Sea. In 2011 landed in Maldives to stay for good. Amanda is a Certified PADI & SSI Dive Instructor and had more than 3,000 dives of experience. In March 2013 got the 1st Price in the underwater video contest organized by the successful dive magazine UNDERWASSER. In the course of her professional diving career, Amanda has made promotional & educational videos for dive centers in Spain and Maldives. Currently she works as the Resident Marine Biologist at a distinguished Resort in Maldives collaborating with conservation projects like Manta Trust and Maldives Whale Shark Research Program.

Sebastian Peña

Sebastian Peña is from Cuernavaca, Mexico. He start to study Business & Administration, but as soon as he had the chance to experience scuba diving his life change completely. Today is a PADI & SSI Dive Instructor. During his 9 years of experience in the diving world, has made more than 4,500 dives, he's been doing ice diving in the Catalan Pyrenees, cave diving in the cenotes of the Riviera Maya and the coral reefs Atolls of the Maldives. Sebastian joined the photography world in the spring of 2011, that led him to study Web developing & design, that’s how gained knowledge and experience on photography edition. Upon his arrival to the Maldives, he began to specialize in underwater photography, mainly with compact cameras. Now he combine his two passions: DIVING & PHOTOGRAPHY. Currently he works as a Diving Instructor at a distinguished dive center & resort in Maldives.

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